PS4 backwards compatibility for PS3 hopes killed

Earlier this week we talked about the possibility of backwards compatibility coming back to PS4 after Sony teased some classic games in a survey about upcoming PS4 firmware updates.

After the news that Microsoft is set to offer free Xbox One backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 discs, many PS4 users had hoped that Sony would reconsider and allow PS3 discs to be played back with a firmware update.

Unfortunately though this idea appears to be dead and buried for good as Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida has once again said that PS4 backwards compatibility is not coming full stop.


When speaking in Paris at Paris Games Week 2015, Shuhei replied to one fan during a Q&A session who had asked him in French if backwards compatibility was coming to PS4 – his reply was a simple but bold “no”.

While it may be disappointing to some, Sony had said at the start that it wasn’t happening with Gaikai handling their PS3 back catalogue with PlayStation Now.

Not even the arrival of the feature for Xbox One will convince Sony it seems, so we will have to forget about it. Hopefully though PS1 and PS2 classics will still arrive in some form so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when PS4 update 4.0 is rolled out.

Is this confirmation from Sony upsetting to you, given that Microsoft is offering this feature for free, or have you moved on from BC?



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