Black Ops 3 PS4 Digital Deluxe cancelled after PS3

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2015

We have a word of warning to all gamers who have previously pre-ordered the Black Ops 3 PS4 Digital Deluxe directly from the PSN store. Sony has sent out emails to customers confirming that Digital Deluxe Black Ops 3 pre-orders have been cancelled due to a pre-order content issue.

We knew that some PS3 owners had received this email last week but now we can confirm that it has just happened to PS4 orders as well.

Firstly, take a look at the official statement that Sony sent out online regarding the PS3 Black Ops 3 Digital Deluxe cancellation.


Sony states that refunds had been sent out and the cancellation was due to pre-order content issues which had already been fixed – meaning that customers could simply purchase the content again to solve the problem.

We know that in a matter of hours many of you will be wondering ‘Why has the Digital Deluxe version of Black Ops 3 been cancelled on PS4?’, so this will be a heads-up for you.

Make sure you double check your PSN wallet to ensure that your funds have been refunded to your account before buying the Deluxe Black Ops 3 Edition again as obviously you don’t want to be charged twice.

Did you get the same email from Sony hours ago? Let us know your status in the comments section and whether the refund has already reached your wallet.

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  • Dan Stacks

    How do I get a refund for this game. This game is horribly put together. It was a complete waste of money and I’m having major buyers remorse it’s been less than 24 hours and I seriously want my money back they can take this game and shove it up their ass I will never buy another Call of Duty game as long as I live

  • Daniel

    I never got refunded and i pre-ordered 27/8 and my pre-order was cancelled. I’ve called Activision and Sony… MULTIBLE times (4 times) but still same outcome…Please… PLEASE help.

    • Arya mansouri

      same still waiting

  • Greg Otto

    I want the digital deluxe edition can anyone help me out? psn: gcooke11
    i really want the the giant map for zombies.

  • Jonathan Robert Symes

    I preorderd min on the 24/10/15 and no email from Sony

  • Jonathan Robert Symes

    I haven’t received a email from Sony at all so I take it that means I’m okay?

  • Adam

    I got the Email on the 29/10/15 but its the 30th for me right now. I went onto my PlayStation and looked at my library and through the store to see if i still had the Countdown going. I went onto it and it said the Auto-download date went from the 5th/11 to the 1/11. And I didn’t need to re-pre-order nor were funds taken out of my wallet. I think for PS4 the pre-order again is different although I’m not 100% sure.

  • Tomson

    Happen to me this morning, guess I should reordered. No funds were taken.

  • Connor

    So it’s haven’t been cancelled

  • Vince

    Haven’t gotten any notice still says pre-order and for tomorrow I can pre-load.

  • Jason

    I didnt gwt an email but on the ps store it still has a countdown on it does this mean im fine or what plz help

  • Moe

    Just here cause I’m worried
    I preordered the digital deluxe today and I don’t know if it is gonna happen to me
    Apparently, in a another thread I read that it’s because they changed name to bo3:digital ce

  • A Dinesh Adn

    Guys….. I pre ordered bo3 digital deluxe edition in uk ps store. I got the cancelation email today. I sent an email to uk psn support abt this. Miracly they replied within 3hours. Their mail says,
    “All Black Ops III pre-orders are being cancelled on mass as there is some new content being added to the pre-order bonuses.
    A new pre-order will be applied to all of these accounts soon although you may not receive notification of this.
    You can check your transaction history in a few days to see the new “pending” pre-order.”
    So i think it is a good news for us. But canceling without any word is stupid thing.

    • Moe

      Omg thank you so much, have been looking for a clarification

    • Tomson

      So I take it we don’t have to do anything? Got the email earlyer today.

      • A Dinesh Adn

        To make sure send them an email abt ur cancelation . in which country ps store uu have pre ordered? If USA, there is a Live chat oporunity to contact the support service.( u can find in google)

  • Jamie Mcgauley

    Got my email this morning advising cancelled on ps4 but it didn’t explain why or apologise :O simply says ” This e-mail message is to confirm that your recent pre-order has been cancelled and your wallet will not be charged. Be sure to save a record of this message for future reference.” wow I was in shock didn’t even know about the PS3 problem, the least they could have done is added in a few words to explain why and what I need to do if I still want the game and apologise! But now not only did I have to go the whole day at work confused till reading this I now probably won’t be able to get the game preordered because I have the infanous problem of not being able to access the ps store again which Sony also don’t know how to fix!! Grrr

    • Jamie Mcgauley

      So a further update on my situation, finally figured out how to fix the store problem and got back in this morning and showing still pre-ordered as before :S so doubled back online to see my purchase history vis PSN website and Black Ops 3 showing as purchased 29/10, the same day they cancelled it! and it has an expiration date also 29/10??? – ive had it on preorder since august so now 100% confused – just gonna have to wait and see what happens, if it doesnt download then will give it a miss and stick to fallout and battlefront until either sony or activision can pull thier act together

  • What?

    I’m fairly certain like most Internet retailers Sony doesn’t charge you for preorders until it actually “ships” the product, same as Wal-Mart or Best Buy or Amazon, etc… Actually, I’ve preordered stuff off PSN before with money sitting in my wallet and I can tell you Sony didn’t deduct the money from my wallet until the game dropped.

  • Olav

    My money has not been refunded… not to my psn wallet or my bank account.

  • Chris Parsons

    Received notification this morning – v. Annoying

  • Neil R

    Yep got mine too really confusing, as the email came in while i was sleeping. A little heads up from sonty would have been nice. But also lack of threads about it today so far.

  • juliush

    Yes mine has been cancelled.

  • Tamer Ali

    My money hadn’t been deducted and was not in my wallet I had straight up purchased it via credit card should I re order it ? What I am confused what was

    • FrustratedGuy

      Same happened to me… I got the email, but no money returned…

      • Moe

        Is this only in America

        • Jamie Mcgauley

          Nope I’m in uk and had mine cancelled today

        • Moe

          Did u order yours recently

        • Jamie Mcgauley

          Nope I preordered 19th August

        • Moe

          Not sure for me cause I preorder mine today

      • Nathan “Nathadeous” Anderson

        For credit it could take a couple days to process, I’m assuming most people used debit.