WWE 2K16 manual PDF download for PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2015

We can see that many of you have been having problems trying to access the WWE 2K16 manual for PS4 and Xbox One. On PS4 specifically, we knew that the manual website for WWE 2K16 was not working previously with the link, resulting in a constant ‘not found’ error.

Now, we just wanted to give you a heads-up that the WWE 2K16 Manual PDF USA download link appears to have been fixed and is loading for us without any problems.

Without further ado, you will find the WWE 2K16 manual for PS4 here, while the WWE 2K16 Xbox One manual PDF is located here.


Both offer a detailed look at the WWE 2K16 control layout if you wanted to study it further before playing – take a look at an example for PS4 above.

The manual also breaks down all of the various WWE 2K16 game modes with some helpful tips to get you started, while towards the end there’s even a list of all 2K personnel who worked on the game if you are interested in that.

Let us know if you also had problems accessing the WWE 2K16 manual download on console hours ago and if the new links above helped you out.

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  • creg

    do you have to be online to use created wrestlers or ply in wwe universe mode

  • Alaa EL Ahlawy

    how to change the game control from tybe a to type b like the past wwe games

  • IrnBruGuru

    Why? Why did I click this? Why did this make it into an article?