Elder Scrolls Online servers down for 6 hours on Oct 28

We’re trying to think of another game which has been down as many times as Elder Scrolls Online has and we’re struggling to find a worthy competitor – seriously.

Elder Scrolls Online is down in Europe and North America on October 28 again as many players report that they cannot get into the Elder Scrolls Online servers right now.

Confirmation of the outage is below from Zenimax, revealing that NA and Europe regions are down at the same time which is unusual since we usually get separate TESO maintenance windows.


More importantly, for those wondering when the Elder Scrolls Servers will be back up after maintenance, a forum post states that it could last six hours.

The team are working on fixing bugs in the game, as well as upgrading their hardware to minimize future outages. They reiterate that all of the above is necessary in order to have a ‘healthy’ experience moving forward.

Six hours is a long time though for those hoping to have a gameplay session. Let us know your thoughts on this above and if you agree that the game goes offline far too much.

For fun: can you name any other games that can match TESO for frequent maintenance periods?



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