Free Printable Halloween masks with Destiny stencils

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2015

With Halloween just days away, we have a treat for everyone now. Destiny is arguably the most popular console game at the moment and now Bungie has decided to extend their Halloween celebrations by offering some free printable Halloween mask stencils in PDF format.

We say ‘extend’, as Bungie has just launched their in-game Halloween content which everyone really needs to check out.

This however is for everyone to enjoy not just those who play Destiny, as everyone in the family can get involved with this as Bungie has created some brilliant mask designs for you.


There are four printable Destiny Halloween masks available, these are: Oryx, Engram, Eris Morn and The Speaker. We have included direct links for you above, which will take you to the PDF page and allow you to see each design in detail.

Simply print these out in full size and then start cutting away with some scissors thanks to Bungie’s included instructions. Then fold and glue together and you will have four amazing masks to use over Halloween with your family and friends.

Let us know how you get on with these and which one is your favorite. We personally love the Oryx mask which is why we gave you a teaser image above – have fun with these everyone!

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