Update: Apple TV 4 now shipping

Update: The first new Apple TV devices have now started to ship.

Orders for the new Apple TV have now gone live, and so people will be wondering what their Apple TV 4 shipping status will be after their order. Well, we can tell you that they will start to be sent on from October 30th, which is pretty much what we had assumed last week.

While we cannot offer you a precise time as to when you will start to receive your 4th generation Apple TV, we do know that many of you who ordered yours early on Monday, October 26 should still get them in time for Halloween. Perfect timing seeing as though a lot of you will decide to stay in and just shut yourself away.

Apple TV 4 shipping status

Apple TV now comes with new accessories as optional extras – You can buy yourself a spare Siri Remote for $79. We did try to find the price that people in the UK would have to pay, but there is no option to purchase one of these. You can also get yourself a Remote Loop that goes on your wrist for $12.99.

New Apple TV ordering problems – Some people in the UK had contacted Product Reviews to say they were unable to order the fourth generation Apple TV in the UK, as it was not showing up yesterday at the same time in the US. However, this only seems like a small issue, as we can clearly see that the new model is available in the UK right now.



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