GTA V Online Halloween DLC update release time

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2015

We are almost ready for the GTA V Online Halloween DLC update release time for UK and US gamers. Rockstar has yet to fully announce details of the update, but we are expecting it to drop at the end of the week since contents of the update were already revealed to be within the recent Lowriders update.

To recap, two new Halloween cars that will be coming are the Lurcher and the Franken Stange – you can see early gameplay of both here.

On top of that, Rockstar will also be adding a Flashlight into the game for Halloween, which we hear players will be able to kill people with when getting in close.

As a result of Rockstar’s silence, we don’t know yet when the GTA V Online Halloween update is out but given that Halloween lands on Saturday October 31 this week – an update on Thursday or Friday is a safe bet.


Rockstar never launches content updates on the weekend and they have in the past decided to release updates on a Thursday so we have a feeling that will be a safe bet.

As far as we’re aware, we have not seen a GTA Online update on a Friday either, so you may want to bear that in mind – Tuesday seems too early since Rockstar has not announced it yet on the Newswire.

Stay tuned to this article here and we will update with details once we are closer to knowing the GTA Online Halloween DLC release time in your area.

When do you think it will go live?

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  • bdan

    anyone got this car yet?

  • River Rat

    Thursday and nothing

  • Archer

    Ino right

  • Ed Shenk

    Am I the only one who is sick of Rockstar giving so much love to the online portion of the game versus single player?!?

    • Prem the Boss

      GTA Online is Rockstar’s money maker, so obviously they’d want to make it even better to attract more customers and get the dollars rolling in.

      • Senna4ever

        How is GTA V online Rockstar’s money maker when its free to play and they keep churning out free DLC, free features and free updates?

        If they wanted to make money, they would relased story based DLC and sell millions of copies.

  • Amilio Wilbanks

    Id say thursday aswell the legitmate updates like heist beach bum have alway usually been tuesday but the festive 1s like xmas etc have usually always been thursday. Also is it just me or dose anyone else hope they add a dragonoff sniper with a zoom abillity so the dam marksman riffle not so op and a new lmg perferably a mg36c with a dual drum mag. That 1 sexy gun to use

  • TJ Maddison

    Just as a thing but don’t you think we already got the update last week all the got to do I activate it like the christmas ones

  • Why not Tuesday (tomorrow)? Most of the updates fall on Tuesday. What’s your logic for suggesting Thursday or Friday?

    • MingeTickler

      Stfu noob

      • Ahhh, I always enjoy it when a member of the ultra arrogant PC MASTER RACE checks in. Suck it, fat boy!

        • Joe

          Not all pc gamers are ultra arrogant and you are being ultra arrogant accusing us of all bring the same

        • Yes they are. I’m not saying anything new here. I’m just saying the same things that need to be said again and again with fierce conviction.

      • josh

        Get lost you dumb squeaker

    • Understand

      Because it’s coming out for Halloween

      • Apparently you are right. I’m looking forward to the update, whenever it comes.