GTA V Flashlight Blackout mode for Halloween DLC

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2015

We have already told you about the two new Halloween DLC cars for GTA Online that is coming very soon, but now we have some more information on one of the other major new features of the highly anticipated GTA V Halloween 2015 DLC update.

If you haven’t heard yet, Rockstar will be adding a flashlight into the game over the Halloween period and we can see that some players have already found ways to use it in-game right now.

As a result, there are numerous GTA V Flashlight gameplay videos already up on YouTube and one in particular caught our attention which talks about Rockstar’s plans to issue a complete GTA Online ‘Blackout’ over Halloween.


This coincides with the Flashlght and if true it could mean that Rockstar will turn off all lighting in GTA Online within a special ‘Slasher’ gameplay mode.

This mode would involve players either being the ‘slasher’ and others being the ‘survivors’, similar to a Jason vs the teenagers style of affair if you like.

The mode is reportedly going to be pitch black and the only way to see is by using the light from the Flashlight to navigate and prolong your survival.

Note that this is still rumored so far, but it’s not the first time that we have heard about this Slasher mode and it would make sense to give the Flashlight a specific purpose over Halloween.

Watch the gameplay below and let us know your thoughts on it. Do you agree that this mode sounds amazing if it is true? That is one way to bring interest back to GTA Online and we can only imagine the fun, not to mention horror when every single player is running around the map in complete darkness.

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  • Xofox

    Is this real?

  • Phil

    No I don’t feel that it should be dark because there already parts in the game now that are way to dark which makes driving at night very hard at times and the 3d part is crap in the game for people with trouble seeing so no to the lights out in the halloween DLC .