FIFA 16 Web App down for Oct 26 server maintenance

We have a quick heads-up for all FIFA 16 players now. FIFA 16 servers are down on October 26 for scheduled maintenance which will last several hours.

This in turn means that the FIFA 16 Web App is down and also the FIFA 16 Companion App will not be working either while maintenance is in progress.

EA has confirmed the outage over on Twitter as usual, revealing that the FIFA 16 servers will not be back up until 12pm UK time on PS4, Xbox One, PC and other platforms.


Maintenance started earlier this morning UK time at 7am, so EA must be fixing something fairly serious to bring the game completely down for that amount of time.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the main mode for most gamers, so if the FIFA 16 Web App is not working – players won’t be happy about it, especially during Holiday periods.

Let’s hope that the FUT 16 servers will be back up at the times above and won’t be subject to further maintenance as we’ve seen in the past.

Is FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, Web App and Companion App down for you at the moment in your area? Give us your status below.



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