Destiny Halloween Masks update with quest event

Some of you were predicting Bungie to spring a Halloween surprise in Destiny and now we’re pleased to see that the Destiny Halloween 2015 update is now live in game!

When you head into the Tower you will see that a new Destiny Festival of the Lost quest is available and you can go and visit Tess Everis and Eva Levante who have some special Halloween themed goodies for you.

These include a variety of Destiny Halloween Masks which look amazing, not to mention a complete makeover for the Tower which is now ready for Halloween to begin.


We’re not sure what other treats lie in store for gamers as this content has literally only just gone live in the game. Let us know what else you have spotted and your initial thoughts on the Halloween event in Destiny that Bungie has added.

Are you satisfied with this surprise or were you expecting more? Let us know which mask you have chosen and any secrets that you have found out!



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