Forge of Empires Halloween 2015 quests list, All answers

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 29, 2015

We are once again at another annual event in Forge of Empires, it’s time for the Halloween 2015 quests list to be discovered for those wanting a Mad Scientist’s Lab building as the reward after completing 14 quests at one per day. While there’s 14 riddles from Jack O’ Lantern, you won’t be able to complete all tasks in one day like previous years due to a countdown clock making you wait until a new day starts for your next quest.

It was expected to see the first Decorate or die quest appear again like we had in 2014, although there’s plenty of other riddles and some are extremely different to surprise regular players along with the “Event Mission” structure this year. We are going to feature the full Forge of Empires Halloween quests list below, as we do each year with a simple list with answers and the event goes live to all on October 26, 2015.


BOO! – The first quest is titled “Milquetoast” and comes with the riddle, “What the heck, it is Jack! My riddles you crack, you answer me back and get some knick-knack! Now, go build some stack”. You then do the normal “Decorate or Die” task like we see every year.

The answer is simply to build 5 decorations from any age, for us this was trees and then the Think It Through task is spending 7 Forge Points. We got 60,000 coins as the reward in Postmodern Era.

Fraidy-Cat – Go!, go!, go!, visit some friend, make him happy with a helping hand. To so thrice, that would be nice. The quest has a couple of tasks with random rewards that include “Smile or guile”, and “think it through”. The answer is simply 3x polish or spend 7 forge points and you receive a random reward, for us this was 20 diamonds.

Poltroon! – Titled Five by Four of Four by Five, and the riddle explains “that’s the goal for which you strive”. You then have a couple of tasks titled “Build or begone”, and “Think it through”.

The answer is to create a building of 4×5 or 5×4, and also spend 7 Forge Points once again. This gives you a random reward and for us, we received 5 Industrial Filters.

Sleeves Up! – This event quest is titled Mollycoddle, and the riddle asks “Roll up your sleeves and get on with it! Producing 15 times 15 is what I see fit”. The answer is to go to production buildings and produce something for 15 minutes, but obviously do this 15 times, so hopefully you have a number of these buildings to get the job done quicker.

Once again, the second tasks is to spend Forge Points again. It looks like this Halloween event wants players to keep spending points.

Polite Seizing – Titled Weak Kitten, and with a riddle mentioning “If you please, three times you seize. You can also be nice, but that has a price. Inventing something, to be precise”. There’s 3 parts of “Seize or science” and 7 for “Think it through” tasks. In a nutshell, the answer to this is you need to plunder 3 times for seize or research a technology for science.


Cowardly Custard! – This quest is titled Land or Loser and the riddle has a simple way to be completed, although it can take a little time, as you need to conquer a Province and not just a sector. The loser part might not be a task, instead you will just lose if not completed. As with other tasks, you also need to spend 7 Forge Points and receive a random reward.

Pantywaist! – Titled Explore or extinction, you are required to Scout a province and as per normal spend Forge Points and receive a random reward like the other tasks.

Brave Chicken! – Quest 8 is titled Construct or constrict and other than spend points, you will need to build a goods building, a production building, a cultural building, a residential building, and a military building. Finish this task off by also building a piece of road and decoration from any age.

Yellow-Belly! In Quest 9 you will find a task called “Acquire or annihilation”, which to solve you will need to simply negotiate a sector for a random reward.

Daring Dastard! Titled Spend or spare and with a riddle, “I grow by the hour and increase your power: I pay your inventions and Great Building intentions. Now here is my plea: Spend a day’s worth of me”. The answer is simple, just spend 24 forge points to complete both tasks at the same time.

Foolish Fool! – Riddle or remorse is found in quest 11, the answer in the main task is to build a Pottery, as seen in the riddle “where you and your 40 brothers work”.

Invertebrate! – The main task is called Sneak or peek, and this is one of the easiest to understand due to the riddle mentioning “you want to take a sector and make it quick” and “so before you start pay some coins”. The solution is simply to infiltrate a sector.

Lord of Misrule! – The Delete or doom task is the first to come with a named reward. This is to choose between two Halloween Portraits. The main part of this riddle asks you, “Manage your army and if you want to thrive, boot one from the middle of the five”. The answer is to delete a light unit.

Lord of Misrule! Sell or sorrow is quest 14 and the final from the Halloween 2015 event. You will need to sell a graveyard if you own one, if not then just sell three buildings or roads from the age you’re in.

The rewards for the final quest vary dependent on your current age. If you deleted a Ancient Graveyard, you then receive the Legendary Graveyard. The Old Graveyard is replaced with an Ancient Graveyard, and finally the normal Graveyard becomes an Old Graveyard.

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  • Gary

    Those who can’t build the mad scientist lab…… There is a glitch, you can’t do it from your tablet. You have to go to a pc, log in and build it there. Check FOE Facebook page.

  • Ano Nymous

    Are decorations a possible option for quest 14?
    Edit: just tried it myself, I’m in the Iron Age and built and sold a “Flower Tub” and it gave me progress! Woop!

  • Matthew Fagan

    I’m on the last one. I don’t have a graveyard and I only just got to the Late Middle Ages. All my roads are from the High Middle Ages. In fact the Late Middle Ages don’t even have a roads section. So it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to sell three roads. As far as buildings I’m trying to research them as fast as I can. Even so, I don’t think I’ll be able to build and sell three fast enough before midnight on the 9th becomes the tenth! I’m kinda pissed to get ALL the way through this entire thing and be stopped by what amounts to an impossible tast for me because 1) I wasn’t lucky enough to already have a graveyard and 2) just got to a new age that doesn’t even have roads (one of the alternative tasks). Boooo, I cry foul to everyone there at Innogames. I tried so hard and I’m stuck one step from the finish line 😡.

    • Ano Nymous

      Try a decoration from the same age 😉

  • Games box

    Pls help how i complete mision 13???pls help

    • Ano Nymous

      A light troop is a troop from the middle tab when you go to attack or manage your army. Click on the blue arrow and the blue army button next to map. The tab that looks like a foot is the one you want to delete a unit from.

  • Jay

    how do you you build mad scientist’s lab?
    i click it in inventory, then click build and nothing happens.

  • Gary

    I have the same problem as Ryan. I have the mad scientist lab in inventory, but it won’t build?

  • Per Erik Westermann

    how to do ” Lord of Misrule! ” dont get it right ??

  • Ryan

    Ok so I finished the whole challenge! And I see the lab in my inventory and I click on it to build it and it won’t let me????!!!! Why won’t it let me?

    • Cam Kozloski

      Im in the same boat. I have the graveyard and the lab. I was able to use the graveyard but when i press the lab it just acts like i should see it ready to be placed somewhere……..

  • Benny

    Number 13 Lord of Misrule , I have deleted 3 different units, archer, horseman, legionare and the quest is not progressing what type of unit I a light unit

  • Common Sense

    Sneak or peak? I’ve paid to infiltrate…but none cost coins…only supplies…stuck now.

    • Common Sense

      Oh duh…had to attack first…one more quest for mad scientist lab…muhahahhahahah

  • Michael Gregov

    I guess I can’t do 14 since I don’t have any buldings or roads from the colonial era available to build or delete.

    • Matthew Fagan

      I suggest you read it more carefully @Michael Gregov. it says to sell your graveyard IF you own one, IF NOT just sell three buildings or roads from the AGE YOUR IN. So there, you should be fine, lol.

  • Frank

    The scouting quest is not available for me for another 14 hours. Can I send my scout out now as long as I accept the quest before he reaches is destination?

  • I couldn’t think of a name

    What if i don’t have the right negotiation goods or strong enough units to acquire a province?

    • Weasel

      I’m in the same boat… I’m too far ahead in province acquisition so my army isn’t strong enough to defeat the opposing army, and my goods are from previous ages, so it’s harder to trade up for needed goods…. Sigh…. Looks like I won’t be getting The Mad Scientist…. Oh well ….

  • Rick Kane

    For those of us who just play FoE on a casual basis, some of these “quests” will not be able to be done in time.

  • Mikey

    Cheers this helped loads, shame I cant do all quests today.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the tip for Mollycoddle, wasn’t sure what I had to do 15 times. Cheers.

  • Kara Mea

    Does anyone know the answer to smile or guille?

  • Eduardo Bwanno

    The Five by Four of Four by Five is easy, just build a 4×5 production building (fruit orchard) and spend 7 forge points to get the job done.

    • Jeff

      Does anyone know the answer to build or begone?

      • Eduardo Bwanno

        What does it say??? That quest is not yet open in Europe we must wait 11hours. Maybe I know the answer…

      • Live there, learn something

        You can also destroy or delete three or so objects – I delted the Menhirs I’d built in a previous puzzle.

      • Raymond

        The below doesn’t work. I’ve tried building logging out attacking people. What is Build or Begone?!

      • lostlight

        create a building of 4×5 or 5×4

  • Eduardo Bwanno

    It was enough to build one production-building (fruit orchard) 4×5 and spent 7 forge points on my DOM van Aken to get the Land or Loser job done…

  • Lewis

    I just completed Fraidy-Cat, it was easy and similar to the first with spending forge points and like we have seen with loads of quests in other halloween events, I just needed to polish 3 times for people nearby. I also got diamonds.

  • Rob

    Just done the BOO/Milquetoast tasks, can’t believe the make us wait until the next quest can be done. I guess this is good marketing to get you in the game every day.

  • Billy

    Thanks, looking forward to playing in the next 24 hours. Love the Halloween event for Forge of Empires and to be honest, I only come back for the events now.

    • Colleen Risse

      Build or be gone? What do I have to build

      • Colleen Risse

        Haha never mind billy, didn’t read the clue or the title of the riddle. It’s bed time -___-