New Destiny Trials of Osiris release date confirmed

Bungie has finally confirmed when Trials of Osiris will be out after a well-documented delay. We can bring you the Trials of Osiris release date now, which will definitely be out this month rather than in November.

We told you that Bungie had delayed the start of Trials of Osiris in October due to a bug found within the Nightstalker hunter class.

Now though, Bungie has said in the new Weekly update for Destiny that the new Trials of Osiris release date will be on October 30.


That is a week from now and we are assuming the start time will be at 10am Pacific Time, which is the same time that the King’s Fall Hard mode will start in a matter of hours – recap on that here.

With that said, are you fully prepared for what the Trials has to offer in terms of loot? It seems like a very busy period right now – with new Year Two exotics being discovered, the wait for King’s Fall raid on hard and now the start of Trials – don’t forget Iron Banner too!

Let us know your setup for the start of Trials and any advice you would give to new players.



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