iOS 9.2 update to focus on iPad Pro enhancements

iOS 9.1 was released on October 21st without much warning, and while we know that Apple is already looking at making improvements for the release of 9.1.1 to resolve a few problems, the next big update is already in the works. We do not have any idea as to when the iOS 9.2 release date will be, but we do know that Apple is already working on it, and has a larger focus on the iPad Pro.

Apple has issued iOS 9.2 for testing – 9to5Mac has come across a chart that has found an increase in the number of Apple employees testing the update, although there is no indication as to when it will move to beta for developers to start testing.

iOS 9.2 to focus on iPad Pro for enhancements

No details have been announced or even leaked as to what changes we can expect to see with the release of iOS 9.2. However, it is bound to include a few improvements and enchantments, but the biggest features are said to be improvements to the iPad Pro.

It seems funny to improve a product that has yet to be released, although maybe Apple just feels that iOS 9.1 does not have the correct set of features to bring out the best in the iPad Pro, and will be able to develop iOS 9.2 much better once the iPad Pro is released next month?



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