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Fallout Shelter Halloween update 1.2.1 notes

We can see that Bethesda are also getting into the act of Halloween, by unleashing a surprise Fallout Shelter Halloween update for players just hours ago.

For those that want to know that is in Fallout Shelter after the update, we now have a heads-up for you with Bethesda’s official Fallout Shelter 1.2.1 update notes.

Aside from giving the Vault a spooky makeover with Halloween decorations, Bethesda has also tweaked plenty of other gameplay features to make your experience better.


These include a fix to ‘sudden Vault shutdown’ and Dwellers that are ‘uncooperative’ – we’re guessing this could be related to the crashing that many of you were having on the previous update.

More importantly, the cosmetic update to Fallout Shelter for Halloween looks like it now makes it easier to spot the Mysterious Stranger who gives out bottle caps when you find him.

Read Bethesda’s interesting Fallout Shelter 1.2.1 patch notes above and let us know your experience on the new update below.



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