Clash of Clans Halloween release time after Cauldron

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2015

Most of you have been wondering what the Halloween Cauldron in Clash of Clans does after the recent update hours ago, which many thought was the full Clash of Clans Halloween 2015 update.

It turned out that it wasn’t in the end, which means that everyone is now asking when the Clash of Clans Halloween update release time will be.

Speculation suggests that the Clash of Clans update could be on Saturday to coincide with the start of ClashCon on October 24 – or at the very least the announcement of the Clash of Clans update at this event.


Although we didn’t get the full update with the One Gem Boost patch hours ago, we did get the Halloween Cauldron and the Pumpkin Mushroom in Clash of Clans – which served as an exciting tease of things to come.

Our predictions are that Supercell will use ClashCon to offer the first full sneak peek of the update, then the update itself will go live next week just before Halloween.

Many are saying that this could be the ‘biggest’ Clash of Clans update so far this year, so it really is counting down to something special.

Are you excited after seeing the Cauldron and the Pumpkin in the game yesterday? Give us your expectations on the Halloween CoC update below.

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  • Chris

    Its great… a great teaser… good article!

    • Private

      I agree.

  • Queen B

    Why don’t I have the Halloween Theme on my COC ???

    • JDub

      Go back to your App Store or play store…look for clash of clans…press update…if it doesn’t say update anywhere…uninstall the app and reinstall it

      • Private

        Yep, reinstalling it worked for me but to all others : Be patient, it will come.

  • Chris

    I go on everyday andgor nothing most unexpected player in clan has cauldron explain coc creators?

    • Private

      Don’t worry, the cauldron will appear. Just make sure that there is enough space and there are less than 40 obstacles on your base

  • Naveen

    Shall I keep it my cauldron or remove it can anyone suggest me?

    • Private

      Keep the cauldron. In the later years, you can show off. 🙂

  • Naveen

    Hi got it what will I get if I remove it

    • Private

      The cost of removing it is 25,000 elixer. After removing it, you get 75,000 elixer back.

  • Juney Windross

    I have, but only only one device?

  • Laurie

    I didn’t get either of them

    • Private

      When you comment, make sure you are specific and detailed. This comment is not at all understandable. Please make sure you are easily understood by people who read the comments.

  • Erik

    I didn’t get either?