Best Destiny King’s Fall hard mode loot

We have just minutes to go until the start of Destiny King’s Fall raid on hard mode. Naturally, everyone wants to know the best King’s Fall loot for hard mode and we want you to use this as your first point in determining which loot other players should go for as a priority.

Before you all get started, we wanted to bring you some advice direct from Bungie. The developer has told all players to read their following guidelines which will determine how the Destiny King’s Fall hard mode loot drop table will be handled:


The key aspect to pick out of that is that Bungie reiterates that loot from both normal and hard mode will be yours if you complete the raid on hard from the start.

You still cannot earn new raid-specific loot from a raid more than once a week per mode though, so remember Bungie’s reminder on that.

With that said and done, we are almost ready to go. We want you to report your progress below and list the best King’s Fall loot drops that you get along the way.

We’ve added one Destiny King’s Fall live stream for those that want some tips before playing.



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