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Apple enforces Adobe Flash Player download

You may have noticed yet another notification to install the latest Adobe Flash Player version to your PC or Mac a few days ago.

Since then, we can see that Apple has now made this update a priority by publishing a specific article on their support website informing users that they have effectively made Adobe’s Flash Player update on OS X a mandatory install.

Some of you may actually have this new Adobe Flash Player version automatically installed – you can check the latest version of Adobe Flash by going to system preferences, then finding Flash Player and checking the Update tab to see the version.


Adobe has detailed their reasons for the new version in an article here, but above is Apple’s take on the new update including information on the fact that if users still want to use an older version – it will instead be highlighted as ‘unsafe’.

It’s not exactly reassuring to have to update Adobe Flash Player every few days and with Apple now stepping in it seems that the last security issue found was a serious one.

Have you already installed to this version of Adobe Flash? Give us your thoughts on the constant updates to this software below.



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