Destiny’s Xur sells The Stag exotic Warlock helmet at last

By Alan Ng - Oct 25, 2015

Destiny Guardians, we have just hours to go until the arrival time of Xur’s location for Oct 23 to 25. As always, we’ll do our best to ensure that you get Xur’s location on October 23 today in the Tower or Reef before anywhere else when he pops up at the usual time on Friday.

Last week Xur brought some very interesting goods to the table, including a first appearance for the HereAfter exotic sniper rifle from the Taken King expansion.

He also had The Stag which is another Year Two exotic so overall Xur had a very positive showing and let’s hope that the location of Xur this weekend will also be a good one.


Remember that Xur’s schedule time is at 2am Pacific, 5am Eastern and 10am for those in the UK. Those looking to find where is Xur in Destiny can come back here Friday for the information once it is available at the times above.

After a great week last week, let us know what you want to see Xur selling on Friday October 23. Come back here for Xur’s full inventory this week tomorrow.

Update: Xur is live this week, and his location is by the bar in Tower Hangar: His inventory this week is as follows – Empyrean Bellicose, Mask of the Third Man, Skull of Dire Ahamkara, Heavy Weapon Engram.

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  • Jay

    Getting excited. Saved up enough coins to purchase all the exotics Xur brings to the table. Ready to destroy the enemy with new gear!

  • Toby

    Gravitation Forfeit I want him to sell

  • Billy

    Under 3 hours to go, looking forward to this. I wont be able to play in-game right away, but always love to get online and check what Xur is selling on Friday.

  • Shane

    Bring on another exotic weapon, it felt much better seeing Xur give us a weapon last week and while I know we wont be getting this every week anymore, please Xur do it again. I didn’t get to play last weekend, so missed out.