Destiny Praedyth’s Ghost Locations, Cult in Paradox

If you missed the recent Paradox Daily Heroic for the No Time to Explain exotic Pulse Rifle, we have the all-important Destiny Praedyth’s Ghost Locations in Paradox to ensure that you are ready to complete this quest once the Daily Heroic is active again.

How to get all Praedyth’s Ghost memory Locations in Destiny is no easy task, but luckily we have found the perfect video for you which explains how to get each one step-by-step for you to follow.

The video comes courtesy of YouTuber MorninAfterKill who has provided a nice guide along with commentary to help you along the way.


Bungie has put these ghost locations in the tiniest corners of the Paradox so you will probably get lost without a Destiny Ghost hunter guide to assist you.

Collecting the ghosts as well as getting the Cult Ghost in Destiny from the end chest will allow you to procede with the start of the No Time to Explain quest in Destiny, which is the Not Forged in Light quest.

Let us know how you get on with finding the ghosts and if you think the No Time to Explain Exotic is worth it once you get it.



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