Life is Strange Season 2 release date hopes

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2015

With the grand finale of Life is Strange Episode 5 now released, speculation on a Life is Strange Season 2 release date has unsurprisingly started to ignite on social media.

It’s fair to say that most fans can’t bear the prospect of this being the end of the game and are assuming that developers Dontnod are waiting for the go ahead on the next big chapter for the game.

While nothing concrete has been mentioned officially on Life is Strange Season 2 coming out for PS4, Xbox One and PC, we can see that fans are still asking the developers questions on if the ‘rumors’ are true about it.


Above is the reply from Dontnod Entertainment which has done little to calm the anxiety of fans who are believing that more is coming in the future.

We still love the fact that the developers are happy to answer questions like this, as it neither confirms or denies the possibility – giving everyone thoughts and ideas on how the story could continue.

Having said that, many fans have also said that they don’t want Life is Strange Season 2 as the story has ended so perfectly at the end of Episode 5.

What are your thoughts on this, after playing Episode 5 – would you be happy if Season 2 for Life is Strange was confirmed, or are you happy to leave the game for good after Ep5?

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  • Bianca Nistor

    life is strange is incredible ,but please don’t make chloe and max kiss
    PLEASE!!Is so strange!!!

  • thomas

    the game was such a great experince i would love there to be a second season

  • Brian Kennedy

    I just picked up the game after reading in game informer that it got editors pick for adventure game of the year. I’d never even heard of it and I love choice/consequence style games so i gave it a shot. I thought telltale was the best at this style but I was sorely miataken. Telltale kinda gives you the illusion of choice. Life is strange takes it a huge step further. It’s awesome. Please make season 2 and quickly. I haven’t finished season 1 yet. I’m on ep 4 and it doesent matter how it ends. I want more. More more more of Max and her heartbreaking adventures. Please hurry!

  • MsDeadWalker

    Give me more Max and Chloe! At least as DLC. #baenotbay. I spoke to everyone second playthrough and they all said life in the bay sucks, Joyce can’t bury a husband AND daughter. I’ve never been so emotionally invested in a game as this. So well done.

  • That Crazy Kid From Vault 101

    No, Season 1 didn’t really end that perfectly as both of the endings didn’t really reflect your past decisions, only the Sacrifice ChloeSacrifice Arcadia Bay decision. I still think season 2 is likley, based on how well it was recieved and sold. I think it would be good to have a fresh cast for a possible season 2, but I think they should keep Max as the main playable character. This would be possible as Max is left alive in both endings. They would have to have a new setting, of course, and they could even reflect your final decision in season 1 through characters around you mentioning it to you, and maybe you could receive text messages from whoever was left alive at the end of season 1 (Warren, Kate (Determinant, of course.) Alyssa etc. Just Chloe) They could react to the diffrent decisions you make. Of course i’m just spitballing here, I don’t know if Dontnod have the time to implement Max into season 2 or even want to, but it’s certainly something to think about.

  • Thresus Huggieyu

    no me want me need more more season 2 has to come out it cant not come out it has to. lol I haven’t even played the first one I just love watching jacksepticeye play it.

  • ana rita

    they’ve said in the past that if there was a season 2 it would be with different characters and a different story, which is understandable because in one ending chloe dies, and in another the whole city dies so they can’t keep the cast (unfortunately)

  • Peter Hodgey Hodge

    Please make a session 2

  • carlylouise

    We need a season 2. Both endings are open book’s and they could go either way if they chose to follow max or max and chloe. We have to have more life is strange

  • Please Season 2

    they really need to make Season 2, I wanna know what happens to Max after all of that

  • Μιχάλης Μπιλίρης

    we neeeeed a seasson 2 for this game i would be happy if Season 2 for Life is Strange was confirmed

  • Μιχάλης Μπιλίρης

    please make it be a seasson 2 for this game and also for ps3

  • travis

    The should keep the flow going and show what is next for clowy and Max

  • Just sayin

    there are going to be loads of seansons

  • Wittyasian

    I think a season 2 could happen and if it does it should delve into how Max obtained her powers and why. Although I do realize that since the endings of the game do have two very different tangents, it would essential mean having to make two different versions of season 2. I do hope they at least make like an epilogue of sorts for both endings to help close some very much open questions.

  • Jonathan Phillips

    I definitely want the journey to continue with a season 2 that would be awesome

  • Kostas123

    I want the season 2

  • Danny Stephens

    A second season with a new cast and story will be a good idea if no one wants season one to be ruined.

  • El Loco XXIX

    Trust be told I was expecting the ending but still I enjoyed every minute of te game
    And am almost certain sz 2 wil be as good as the first

  • Clash Of LB

    Yes we need a season 2 of Life is Strange, the ending to season 1 makes us want more