GTA V Online Halloween DLC update for 2015 leaked

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2015

We know that Rockstar is about to drop a nice new GTA Online update with the Lowrider DLC for GTA V, but we can also tell you that it looks like there is definitely going to be a GTA V Halloween 2015 DLC update for GTA Online as well.

We know this as files have already leaked showing some of the planned GTA V Halloween content that is on the way for the end of October.

Assuming that the information from leaker Yan2295 is correct, Rockstar will be adding 10 new GTA Online Halloween masks, 2 new vehicles and 3 new weapons.


According to the leaker, the Halloween DLC for GTA Online will be included in the Lowrider update on October 20. However it will be locked away first and then activated by Rockstar closer to Halloween – similarly in a way in which Snow is turned on and off with a tunable.

Without further ado, the new vehicles are thought to be BType2 and Lurcher, while the two new weapons are going to be a Machine Pistol as well as a Machete – the latter of which should serve as a brutal Halloween treat.

While the Machete is exciting, here’s another juicy piece of information: Rockstar looks to be adding a Flashlight to the game during Halloween and you will be able to kill people with it.


Yan2295 also adds that the price of the Machete and the Flashlight in GTA Online will be $14,500 each – no word on how much the new Halloween cars in GTA V will cost yet.

Head to the Twitter link above to find out more, but we’ll be writing about those cars specifically later so stay tuned for that.

Are you excited about this year’s Halloween update – how many of you still play GTA Online actively, every day?

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  • Cliff

    Just hope this could be update for all gens i’m on ps3 at moment but wont be till xmas before i try install gta v on me quad core gaming pc but i still shall use my ps3 as use it for youtube, and have hundreds of games, since been no dlc’s since ill goten gains seriously at moment lost faith in rockstar games!! i feel sorry for new players on old gen consoles that just bought the game as shops still selling last gen games around 18-20 quid the shops miteaswell rip down ps3/ xbox 360 sections shud give it away. rockstar will certainly be losing lot money.

  • This is one confused article.

    • RigorMortiis

      Explain? can’t drop a line like that and not even have a sentence to back it up. Explain how this article is confused? after researching to the best of my ability’s everything here seems legit. new to trolling or just have no idea what you are talking about?

      • RigorMortiis

        Seems he has no answer yet he is online telling people they are too young to play GTA… waiting on an explanation oh wise one!

        • I’m a busy person. I’m forced to divide my attention between my piloting and the internet. With that said, the reason for my saying what I said should be obvious if you read the article. Thanks.

        • RigorMortiis

          I did read it. funny, your response say’s to me ” I have no idea what I am talking about so I will refuse to explain” which is exactly what you are doing.. refuse to backup your comment with any sort of legitimacy. You can’t even provide one point other then “the reason for my saying what I said should be obvious if you read the article” meaning you have no Idea what you are talking about lol .. typical response of someone backed to a wall with no way out.. Fred, Thanks.

        • I am under no obligation to explain anything to you. My opinion was and still is that this article is confused. If you can’t accept that, then I suggest you go pound sand.

    • RigorMortiis

      got nothing huh?

    • RigorMortiis

      Guess I will leave you alone.. obviously one of those people that runs they’re mouth yet at the same time has no clue wtf they are talking about 😛 your silence means the shoe fits.