GTA V Lowrider update release time for US, UK

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2015

We have just hours to go until Rockstar launches their new GTA V DLC update on October 20. We now have a heads-up for you on the potential GTA V Online Lowrider update time for UK and US gamers on PS4 and Xbox One, based on previous release trends since Rockstar always likes to stick to a pattern.

For those that haven’t heard yet, the GTA V Lowrider DLC update is coming with the return of Benny’s Original Motor works.

Players will be able to do a lot more customization that what they would normally be used to from Los Santos Customs. Rockstar has given a tease of some of the new designs in the trailer which you can recap below.


As for when the GTA V Lowrider DLC update is out, we can remind you that Rockstar tends to always launch their new content during mornings – UK time.

We have seen time and time again that their updates will go live between 10am-12pm UK time. Assuming that this applies to the Lowrider update, then we could see the download available from around 2am Pacific, 5am Eastern Time, 6am CST and 8pm for those in Australia.

Again, this is not a confirmation but just a heads-up since Rockstar has once again remained silent on timing and we just wanted to share our thoughts.

With that said and done, let us know your expectation of the update and when you start to see the download appear in your region.

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  • Reyes503

    My sistem is downloading too its taken longer

  • James Rodgers


    • Gregory Jones

      How do I know if it’s available on PC yet?

  • Game_Gremlin

    Up and running in the Valley of the Sun! That’s Arizona, USA for those of you not from the states. New mods are pretty sweet, but there’s only 6 different vehicles that can get them right now, and the modding process is not cheap by any means. Quite a bit pricier than your usual Los Santos Customs tune-up.

  • jeff1221

    still not got it in west midlands england

    • James Rodgers

      Are you on Xbox ? I’m on Xbox in Australia and I don’t have anything yet either, and it’s now 9:30 pm central Australian time. Ridiculous.

  • Sammy Abou-Hamdan


  • Sammy Abou-Hamdan

    if you go hover over the game tile on the ps4 press options then go check for update it should be there

    • James Rodgers

      I am guessing everyone with the update is on PS4 and those of us who haven’t got it yet are on the 1?
      Definatelly a good idea listing the console your on.

  • James Rodgers

    In Australia all Ive found is rockstar servers unavailable

  • breezy

    i dont have it in essex england 🙁

    • Rishabh Rastogi

      just keep restarting the game and it should start..

      • breezy

        ive been doing that for over an hour lol rockstar hate me 🙁

        • James Rodgers

          Same, all I’ve got is servers unavailable. I think the hidden message is watch tv for an hour and check later on? I’m watching ice road truckers.

  • Rishabh Rastogi

    is it just the 1.15gb update or is there a second part too?

  • Ashlin Rangasamy

    mine started as well – south africa

  • George

    Is it out in Aus yet

    • James Rodgers

      Nope, should know by now Aus pays the highest prices and gets the lowest service

  • Rishabh Rastogi

    nope 🙁

    • Rishabh Rastogi

      oh it started 😀

    • Holleratme00

      Check ur downloads in the notifications or check for update on the game

  • Holleratme00

    Usa Wisconsin has it out for download this will be backed up like day 1 launch im sure numbers are going crazy at rockstar

  • John Doe

    Got it !! #hawaii

  • Declan_2015

    Mines downloading 🙂

  • Caisey600

    Bermingham England we got it

    • jeff1221

      i am but not got yet

  • Caisey600

    It’s downloading now yes!!!!!!

  • Snewob35

    Mine just kicked me and went to update upon game relaunch

    • James

      Where you from

      • Snewob35


  • Snewob35

    Now US

  • kelean Moten

    Very excited

  • James

    Its out now!!!!! South east uk

    • Daniel


      • Saintniccc

        It ain’t out.

        • Caisey600

          Yes it is

      • James

        Can you not read? ^^^

  • Benjamin

    Not yet out in US east coast

  • barry

    not out yet in london