GTA Online 1.30 update notes live on Rockstar

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2015

As we just told you moments ago, console owners received a nice surprise to see that the GTA V Lowriders DLC is now live. As usual, Rockstar usually leaves it several hours before posting their full patch notes but now we are pleased to say that the GTA Online 1.30 update notes are now live.

GTA Online 1.30 is the in-game version specifically for online play, while GTA V 1.14 is the version you should receive first when downloading the content onto your console.

On console, Rockstar never reveal their full patch notes as they leave that for their main Support page where you can often spend several minutes reading up on a full list of changes.

The GTA Online 1.30 patch notes are no different in this instance as you can see here that there are plenty of changes to read through.


It’s always fascinating to see the lengths that Rockstar go to, to fix other areas of the game that are never documented in trailers or on Twitter prior to release.

Now you know the full contents of the Lowrider update aside from all of the new customization options, so let us know what you think about the notes below.

Has Rockstar included the fix you have been waiting for in this update, or is there still something you need addressed for the next one?

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