FIFA 16 50K Packs live with double odds

We have a quick heads-up to all FIFA 16 players, to remind you that EA has now activated 50K packs in FIFA 16 for 48 hours. On top of this, the best thing about it is that there’s also double the chance of getting the best players inside these packs.

As most of you know it is very difficult to get someone like Ronaldo or Messi inside a pack. It is almost impossible actually, but now you have the chance to beat those odds by opening a pack in this 48 hour window.

The event started on Monday UK time and will finish on Wednesday at 6PM UK time. If you have the coins available, you may want to open a 50,000 coin pack too which is the Rare Players Pack.


This pack also applies to the double chance promotion so you may get lucky like the user above and manage to pick out a Ronaldo during the event.

Having said that, we’ve seen others still have terrible luck inside these 50K packs so it is always a gamble that you take. EA’s wording also suggests that it is ‘almost’ double the chance, without actually giving away their exact odds.

Have you opened a 50K pack to try and activate the double odds for the best players? Report your findings below and let us know what the best player you received inside that pack was.



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