Elder Scrolls Online down for NA maintenance, no ETA

For those who are wondering why Elder Scrolls servers are down right now, we can confirm that the developers are currently undergoing another maintenance window.

Specifically, Elder Scrolls Online is down on October 20 for North America megaservers only and at the moment we don’t have a ETA on when the servers will be back up.

Confirmation on the outage can be seen on the Elder Scrolls Online server status below – we strongly recommend you bookmark this link to keep track on future maintenance periods.


At the moment, there is no information on whether the European Elder Scrolls Online servers will be down today too – but expect the worse if North America servers are first to take the plunge.

We know that many of you continue to be irritated by the downtime, not due to maintenance but the fact that Zenimax never fail to state when the game will be playable again.

Are you trying to sign in to Elder Scrolls Online servers at the moment, but can’t? Give us your status in your region below.



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