Xbox Games with Gold update for November 1 2015

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2015

We are building up to a massive month for Xbox gamers, as Microsoft plan to announce their Xbox Games with Gold November 2015 update for November 1.

This month is arguably going to be the most beneficial to users for a number of reasons. These include the fact that it is the Holiday 2015 season which always produces more great content compared to previous months and also the fact that Xbox One backwards compatibility for everyone arrives.

When backwards compatibility is available, it will instantly grant access to over 100 Xbox 360 titles which are playable on Xbox One if you still have the disc.

On top of that, Microsoft has promised that any future Xbox 360 game which is launched will also be compatible with Xbox One – meaning more games for Xbox One owners to play whenever it comes to Games with Gold titles.


So with this all said and done, what can we expect for the Xbox Games with Gold free games on Xbox One for November 2015? The first games will be available on November 1 as always, while the actual announcement of the games should come towards the end of October.

For those that are interested, we can remind you that in November 2014 Microsoft offered Volgarr the Viking. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself and this time we will get a big AAA game to enjoy throughout Fall.

Microsoft certainly hasn’t let gamers down in previous months this year so everyone should be optimistic. As we wait for the announcement, let us know what you would like to see from your Xbox Games with Gold November 2015 predictions.

Choose one game that you are hoping to see and also what Xbox 360 games you want to play for backwards compatibility.

Update: The announcement of the free Games with Gold November 2015 lineup is just days away. Last minute predictions on what will be offered for Halloween/ BC launch?

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  • Fanboy For Life


  • GrumpyCat

    For a XB1 game in Nov I’d like to see maybe Sunset Overdrive? (yeah I know, not likely). For a 360 game (which are supposed to be BC ones starting in Nov) I’d like to see Skyrim, AC Rogue, Forza Horizon or Halo Wars.

    • life of gamers

      with you on skyrim

  • Javontae Lowe

    The best game need to be free on gold for Xbox 360 its grand thef auto 5 that’s the best game I don’t have the game I heard it was great please let it be gta5 micr

  • sl1kr1ky

    There are a distinct lack of racers in my library. Forza Horizons would be my choice

  • Nathan Nemeth

    Gta 5

  • XD

    Assassin’s Creed III or Brotherhood

  • tommyt

    would like Ryse or Assassins creed Rogue

  • paddypjc

    Would love to see season 2 of the walkin dead for november and for left for dead to be avaiable for backwards compatability

  • Kyel Humby

    I know its a long shot but it would be awesome if I could use my Xbox 360 copy of GTA 5 on my Xbox one.

    • tommyt

      that’s ridiculous, what about all of us that had to go and fork out to upgrade to Xbox One version?

      • Jeremy Wiggins

        Who forced you to upgrade to the Xbox One version? I don’t remember anyone doing that to me.

        • tommyt

          I’m sorry did my comment have the word ‘Forced’ in it at any point, I’ll go and check and if you could, that would be excellent.

          I thought the best way to carry on playing the game would be to pay for it rather than hoping to just be given it.

          Is that not OK with you? Just wondering because something in my 1.2 line comment about buying things rather than expecting them for free has obviously got your urine near boiling point.

        • Jeremy Wiggins

          Well, there is the part were you said you *had* to… It would imply that you were forced to upgrade.

          I was making a point that you were complaining about buying a game again, where you didn’t actually have to. I guess that went over your head.

        • tommyt

          I wasn’t complaining about buying it again, I wanted to carry on playing the game on my current console so I bought the game. I don’t need to resort to hoping Ms ports the 360 version to save me money lol

  • atomicjuicer

    How about an older game like Ridge Racer?

  • beth

    Skyrim would be an epic choice..

  • CoolGuy

    Definitely Syrim best game ever! 🙂

    • ReallyCoolGuy

      I agree

      • life of gamers


  • Ado Critchley

    I never liked Ryse, but I supposed Id give it another go. Looking forward to being able to play Games with Gold Xbox 360. Never know we could do that, makes sense though

  • Aaron Andrews

    Ryse would be awesome