Steam Store down for hours say gamers

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2015

We are getting widespread reports that the Steam Store is down right now on October 19. Valve had initially been having problems earlier in the day, but hours later we can still see that the Steam Store is having issues.

This is very unusual for Valve to suffer an outage lasting several hours but that is what is happening with the Steam Store at the moment.

Take a look below at some of the live feedback coming in from gamers who are trying to buy something from the Steam Store today, but can’t.


You can also have a check at the Steam status checker which confirms that Steam itself is up, but it is just the Store specifically that is having problems.

The official Steam Support Twitter page doesn’t have any information on the downtime either, which is why many gamers are unhappy at the moment.

Is the Steam Store down right now for you in your area? Give us your own status below and we’ll update you when we hear from Valve.

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  • Anthony Richtofen

    here down for me over in england ! Wont let me Buy a game With my steam wallet! trying to get PayDay 2!