PS Plus November 2015 AAA game on PS4 confirmed

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2015

It’s that time again when we look ahead to the PS Plus November 2015 free games on PS4 and PS3. This time, we have another massive rumor to share suggesting that Sony may be planning to give away their next AAA game on PS4.

We can’t say for sure how real this is, but an image has come our way appearing to show that Battlefield Hardline will be free on PS Plus for November.

It’s important to note that this is just an image though, which anybody with basic skills could photoshop. It’s also worth pointing out that last month we had a similar ‘leaked’ screenshot showing Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag as the free game – that turned out to be fake.


With that in mind, we advise you to take this leaked image with a huge pinch of salt. It would of course be fantastic though if EA has decided to give this game away for free.

We’ve played a lot of Battlefield Hardline and it remains a great game and a lot of fun with the new ‘Cops N Robbers’ style theme as opposed to military warfare from previous Battlefield games.

Moving on, what other games can we expect to see? Some of the PS Plus November 2015 predictions for PS4 include Shovel Knight and Professional Lumberjack 2016 – yes that really is an upcoming game.

Some predictions for PS Plus November 2015 on PS3 that we have seen are Monster High: New Ghoul in School – perhaps a long shot, but November is going to be a month filled with major AAA releases.

The games mentioned above do not fit into the AAA category, so if Sony are planning to give users more ‘smaller’ or indie games they may have a difficult decision next month.

Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming PS Plus November 2015 lineup on PS4 and PS3 – would you love to have Battlefield Hardline included for free or not?

We’ll keep you updated as further rumors progress.

Update: We’re now hearing that the PS Plus November 2015 announcement will be coming ‘mid-week’, so not long to go. Final predictions everyone?

Update 2: Has the AAA game been confirmed as Thief for November on PS4? According to the PS Blog in Asia, it appears so! Give reaction below as we await US confirmation.

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  • TheBusterMan

    What is wrong with journos? The games aren’t free,you have to pay for the service.

  • Thief

    looks like thief is being offered next month on ps4! I’m ok with that.. wasn’t it already offered for ps3??

  • Vayu Purana

    this is false, just more indie fodder to throw at us….

  • Joe Keigans

    i am gonna go out an a limb and guess duke nuke em, adn hong kong 97 will be free in november.

  • holdup

    I wonder if Sony are going to theme next month on Halloween.. we could be getting more horror titles like Outlast.

  • PirateGenius

    sick of these crappy little indie titles getting pushed onto us. Bring back the AAA titles or face loosing more gamers.

    • TheRight01

      I agree 100%.

  • Darren McGavin

    No chance, we wont even get Battlefield 4 never mind Hardline.

  • John Vincent Consentino

    That would be sweet if they would include battlefield hardline for free!

  • User

    More indie garbage forb sure.

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    The way we all know Sony by now since we help them to make the PS4 a success.
    Just make is list of the worst Indie games, and Bob’s your Uncle…

  • atomicjuicer

    Life is strange would be cool

    • Vayu Purana

      its literally the only indie game i for once wouldn’t mind being on PS Plus even so its still really cheap tho $20 for all episodes lol

  • John O’Connell

    Time will tell, can see another AA game coming to entice potential Xmas purchases though!

    Wouldn’t class Hardline as AAA

  • Choo Zun Yu

    I would love ps3 my best friend forever