Nintendo NX graphics optimism Vs PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2015

There are some interesting rumors that are starting to surface regarding Nintendo’s NX console, suggesting that the Nintendo NX graphics may be utilizing a chip which will make it more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One next-gen consoles.

Nintendo are obviously hard at work on their next console behind the scenes, but a recent article published by the Wall Street Journal claims that Nintendo has already given the Nintendo NX software kit to third-party developers to start working on.

More importantly though, the chip included inside the software kit is thought to be “industry-leading chips”, according to sources familiar with Nintendo’s development plans.

These industry-leading chips could be a result of the criticism that Nintendo has faced with its Wii U console not having enough power to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s respective PS4 and Xbox One consoles.


Putting the latest graphics chips into the Nintendo NX could be one way to change the current climate of Nintendo competing with their rivals, so it is very encouraging to hear these kinds of rumors coming out.

Nintendo are likely to take their time before publicly unveiling the exact configuration used in the Nintendo NX specs. Would you be very happy though if on paper, it includes hardware that is is more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One?

It would certainly give gamers a lot to think about, as most would love to see Nintendo on top of the world again. Give us your thoughts on this below – would you leave PS4 or Xbox One to go to Nintendo NX if the graphics are superior?

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  • AWT42

    I’ll just stick with what I already have even if it is more powerful.

  • Callitwhatyoulike…

    …basically, then, *this* is Nintendo’s Dreamcast?

  • Means nothing if the GPU is weaker, the Xbox One has a a better CPU chip than the PS4 and 90% of the time it still gets battered, GPU is where it matters

    • Callitwhatyoulike…

      CPU and GPU are both necessary. Either will limit the capability of the other.

    • Callitwhatyoulike…

      …and it means nothing, anyway. PS4 will still dominate sales, so developers will continue to target games with PS4 specs and NX’s capabilities will go underutilized save for the same-old, same-old first-party Nintendo games.

      • Id actually buy a powerful Nintendo console, the Wii and WiiU were too casual for me, i guess we will see what happens, my PC and Xbox 1 will do for now

        • Callitwhatyoulike…

          I’d consider it briefly, then likely decide against it. 🙂

        • Callitwhatyoulike…

          PC…and XBOX? But why? 🙂 (I can see some logic behind PC/Wii U, but never PC/weak-PC-like console.)

        • Callitwhatyoulike…

          Would the population mean?