The Stag Helmet review from Destiny Xur inventory

The Destiny Taken King DLC delivered many new features and items to the game and one of these included the Exotic Warlock Helmet, “The Stag”. Today, we are featuring a review due to Destiny’s Xur selling this item within his inventory on Oct 16, 2015. You can purchase the helmet for 13 Strange Coins, as seen in the full list of items being sold in our Xur location article.

This Year 2 Destiny Exotic Armor is a level 40 item and as we mentioned above, arrived with The Taken King expansion. The majority of gamers feel this is one of the best looking helmets in the game, feel free to mention another you like more in the comments, and it’s pretty unique with the resemblance of a Deer.


You can see the Destiny Stag Helmet given a review in the video below that also features an overview of perks. One of these is the exotic perk “Doe or Die”, so take a look to see if the reviewer feels this Warlock Helmet is ideal for PvP or PvE, and of course if you should purchase it from Xur today.

It’s worth noting that you can also get this helmet by killing Oryx in story mode, but if you have the Strange Coin, then why not just buy it from Xur in Destiny? The choice is yours, so leave your opinion on this helmet below.



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