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Ronaldo and Bale in FIFA 16 Player Exchange

One new feature of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team on mobile is becoming extremely popular with the community and that is the new FIFA 16 Player Exchange feature that EA has introduced.

This feature allows you to use multiple cards to trade in for a single card of higher value. It is another lottery in other words, but we’re here to show you that if you are lucky enough it can produce the sweetest of rewards.

In other words, a confirmation that yes, you can get Ronaldo on FIFA 16 player exchange. We have evidence to show you and also a bonus screenshot showing another player getting Gareth Bale out of the mix.

For those that want to know how to get the best result from FIFA 16 Mobile player exchange, you need to ensure that you always have the ‘Gold to Gold Rare’ as your Reward Range setting.


To do this you just have to select high quality gold or gold rare cards until the parameter on your Reward Range changes. Once you have done that you then have the chance to get an ultra rare card such as Ronaldo or Bale.

Watch the clip below, while feedback on the achievement can be seen over at Reddit here. How are you getting on with Player Exchange on FIFA 16 Mobile so far – do you wish this feature would come to console versions or not?

What is the best player you have managed to get out of Player Exchange?



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