FIFA 16 FUT Draft refund for server disconnections

FUT Draft is clearly one of the most exciting additions to FIFA 16 this year, adding an extra element of replayability to what is already a very addictive game mode.

With FUT Draft, many players see it as an investment opportunity as the 15,000 coins entry fee can often be recuperated with each run – presuming you win all four games and get rare gold players which you can re-sell afterwards of course.

The problem that can happen often though, is that when you are playing the FUT Draft online and you get disconnected in the middle of a game.

This is quite troublesome as EA will then count the game as a loss automatically and then you lose the chance of winning 4-0 and getting the best prize.


As a result, we can see that many players are unhappy about this and are calling for EA to step in with a FIFA 16 FUT Draft refund after getting kicked from servers due to a disconnect.

Do a live search for “FUT Draft refund” on Twitter and you’ll see that there are many players who are also experiencing this issue right now.

Server disconnections will always occur, but do you agree that there needs to be a better system in place so that it doesn’t always count as an automatic loss?

Then again, if EA were to look into it how do you then stop those that are disconnecting on purpose (i.e, rage quit) just so you don’t claim the win at the end ?



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