FanFiction down, website not loading again

By Alan Ng - Oct 16, 2015

We can see that there are problems again with down and not working on Oct 15 or October 16 depending on your region. As far as we’re aware, there were no signs of scheduled FanFiction maintenance so this has caught readers by surprise.

We have taken a look at the FictionPress Twitter page for the latest updates, but there is no information regarding this FanFiction outage or when FanFiction will be back up and running.

At the moment, if you try to visit the website you’ll just be met with the FanFiction URL not loading constantly. We know that many of you are looking for answers on this, so hopefully we’ll be able to bring you some updates soon.


It’s not the first time that is down but it has not come at an ideal time when users love to read towards the end of a long day.

We’ll get the latest status updates for you here as we hear it. For now, let us know if FFN is down for you today in your region at the moment.

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