Destiny King’s Fall hard mode release date, light level

For those that are constantly asking when is Destiny’s King’s Fall hard mode out, we are now pleased to bring you the answer on this direct from Bungie.

The developer has now revealed in their latest Destiny Weekly Update that the Destiny King’s Fall hard mode release date will be on October 23.

Furthermore, the Destiny King’s Fall recommended light level will be set at 300-320, while the King’s Fall hard mode loot drop level will be between 310-320 – confirmed by Bungie.


That means that we don’t have long to wait at all and we hope that most of you have already conquered normal mode and are now ready to go for hard to get those luxurious drops.

Will be seeing some another ultra rare exotic hunt from the community, like we saw with the Necrochasm on Crota’s End hard mode?

Let us know what gear you will be taking into hard mode and what exotics you are specifically going to hunt for on the tougher difficulty.

Who do you think out of the community, will be the first ‘in the world’ to beat hard mode?



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