Destiny Glass Needles cost for Twist Fate reroll

By Alan Ng - Oct 16, 2015

As we have just told you moments ago, Xur is live in the Tower and this is the first opportunity to get your hands on buying the Glass Needles consumable in Destiny.

This is a new addition from Bungie and now we have the confirmed Destiny Glass Needles cost to reroll exotic armor stats via the Twist Fate node.

First up, have a reminder of Bungie’s official description of Glass Needles and what they are used for according to the most recent Weekly Update.


Glass Needle crafting needs 1 exotic shard, as well as 3 strange coins and 3 mote of light, in exchange for 3 Glass Needles – which isn’t too bad.

You can see confirmation of what materials Glass Needles need in the image below. Having said that, many players believe that the cost is not a problem and that you will want to stock up on as many Glass Needles as possible.

We will be bringing you more insight on how Glass Needles work in Destiny with a video soon. For now, let us know how many you bought and your experiences so far with the new reroll system.

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