Best Star Wars Battlefront beta moment

We hoped you enjoyed the Star Wars Battlefront beta, as we had a great time playing it ourselves. Now, we bring you a real treat and a hilarious video clip showing the hands down, number one best Star Wars Battlefront beta moment during the test.

For those that haven’t heard yet, this is the Star Wars Battlefront ‘RIP Luke Skywalker’ video which has since gone viral with around 5 million views on YouTube in the space of a few days.

We won’t spoil the exact contents of the video, but we’ll just let you watch it for yourself as you probably have an idea what happens.


Having said that, the above Tweet from Mark Hamill himself who plays Luke Skywalker shows that even he has seen the clip which everyone is talking about at the moment.

We were treated to some fantastic Battlefield moments down the years and now we could be set for another hilarious period of moments captured within the Star Wars Universe.

Watch this clip and tell us how you reacted to it after the build-up. Share your own best moments from the beta below.



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