Until Dawn 1.03 PS4 update with 10GB patch notes

Days after Destiny players were greeted to a whopping 18GB update, we can now see that a new Until Dawn 1.03 PS4 update is live – weighing in at just over 10GB in size.

As you can imagine, players are curious to know why the Until Dawn 1.03 update is so big. Unfortunately though the Until Dawn 1.03 patch notes doesn’t appear to have the answer as the patch notes suggest that it’s actually just a minor update.

10GB is no joke though and you’ll see the install the next time you turn on your PS4 if you haven’t in a while. For those on slow connections who have just purchased the game – it is not the best scenario at all in a game which is all about choosing scenarios.


We have the full Until Dawn 1.03 update notes for you above, revealing that the developers has now offered the option of inverted Y aiming controls.

Other than that, there’s some specific fixes, improved stability and nothing much else – certainly not to warrant a whopping 10GB update that may take some of you hours to install.

Give us your thoughts on this update below, are you surprised to see such a big update size for a relatively small patch in terms of content added or fixed?

Is this the new precedent being set on next-gen consoles? You may want to get that PS4 hard drive upgrade sooner than expected.



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