Twitter down in the UK momentarily

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2015

It is extremely rare to see Twitter go down in the UK, or USA, but on occasion it will happen and today looks like it’s one of those days.

Twitter is down right now for many users, although we can confirm that it is still live in Asia at the time of writing.

If you do a live search for Twitter down, you can see that there are definitely problems with the service so hopefully Twitter’s team are working on a fix.


We reiterate that Twitter appears to be fine for some, but Twitter is down and loading slow for others. This could just be an issue with a specific Twitter outage in the UK, but we’ll look for further answers on this.

Are you getting the Twitter error “Something is technically wrong” at the moment or not? We’ll update when we hear more information.

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  • Kerry

    Back up now, but keeps loading slow and hard to search for things on Twitter. I’m also in the England.

  • Billy

    Twitter is up and down for me in Kent, UK.

  • Dan

    I had a white page and nothing would load on Twitter, then I got the Something is technically wrong blue error page. After a few minutes, it then loads and don’t load off and on in the UK, especially when searching the thing just spins round taking ages to load.