Destiny players get new Year Two exotic sniper

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2015

We are under an hour away from a new Destiny Xur location for October 16 to 18. As always, the Xur Agent of the Nine location will change every Friday and now we build up to Xur’s time of arrival by looking what he could possibly be selling. Remember it’s only a couple of weeks away until Daylight Time Saving in the UK and USA, so you will see the time change by 1 hour just before Halloween items arrive.

Everyone wants to know what Xur will have, but with Year Two in affect Xur’s loot seems more random than ever. For starters, we don’t get a set exotic weapon every week so consider yourself lucky when he does have one – Hawkmoon for example a few weeks ago.

The Destiny Xur schedule time will be at 2am Pacific, 5am Eastern Time and 10am UK time as always – until the next Daylight savings change comes into effect.


Xur has popped up in the Tower over the last few weeks, so don’t be surprised if Xur’s location this weekend will be in the Reef to shake things up – it happens randomly from time to time.

What exotic are you personally hoping to see from Xur on Oct 16? Let us know how many Strange Coins you have, whether you need more Mote of Light and your Xur Oct 16 predictions on what you think he will end up selling.

Update: Xur is live and you can find him in the Tower by the Vanguards. This week, inventory includes The Stag, HereAfter Sniper Rifle, No Backup Plans, Don’t Touch Me, Heavy Weapon Legacy Engram.

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  • RickyXB1

    I love waking up every Friday to see what Xur is selling and even if I cannot play right away today, I will go to find out what he’s selling online just so I know. Ever since The Taken King arrived I don’t care as much, still looking now but less caring, and this is due to the inventory being both limited without weapons every week and the stuff he does sell is less important. I know why Bungie did this, to stop people from getting to high levels really quick, but if you are already highly ranked then what Xur sells isn’t worth it unless you infuse it a lot and of course this is going to cost exotic shards. I miss the old Xur.

  • StevO

    I’m in Destiny, what is Xur selling?

  • Brad

    I have 120 strange coins…

    • Jamie

      I been saving up too, hope there’s something good to buy today from Xur’s inventory.

    • xAnimalx

      That’s it?

  • Ben

    I’ve been finding the new Xur system confusing, am I the only one?

  • Dan

    Xur really needs to offer an exotic weapon when it arrivals tomorrow.

  • Luke

    Wondering if anyone up for the kings raid? I’m Titan level 284and on Xbox on.

    • cole

      Umm i can i am a light level 287 on xbox one and can help if needed

    • Kenny Sørengen

      u need to be 290+ for that m8

      • Nimda

        im 291 if you will to add me, im on xbox one

        • Nimda

          User: kc82002