LFC, Man Utd face sadness with FIFA 16 update

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2015

If there was one observation to make about the excellent FIFA 16 this year, is that there is still not enough real faces in FIFA 16 to be completely satisfied with.

EA has made a big effort to get as many official face scans in FIFA 16 this year, but we can still see that there are many missing which look a bit suspect.

Manchester United’s Memphis Depay is one of the biggest culprits, as his current face in the game is highly questionable and we can see that many of you are feeling the same sadness over this on social media.


Elsewhere, several members of Liverpool FC are missing their official faces too. Jordan Rossiter is one, Divock Origi, Roberto Firmino, Joe Gomez – the list goes on.

Newcastle player Georginio Wijnaldum is another player who’s face is missing from the game. These are just from our own observations that we have seen while enjoying the game, we’re sure that you can list plenty of others from your favorite teams.

The sad thing is, it looks like EA cannot update faces mid season which is a real shame. Do you think that this needs to change moving forward? Give us your thoughts on this debate below.

Note: The image featured below is supposed to be Memphis Depay, just to point that out.

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  • Gabe

    and they should atleast finish scanning the entire first team of the teams they started already like Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Madrid, Bayer04, Bor. M’Gladbach just to name a few teams.
    and OFCOURSE they can update scanned faces mid season they did it last year. what has change? I’ve been waiting for news about this actually. I’ll be very disappointed if nothing happens.

  • Glen Austin

    fifas just so slack,they have bpl license but still theirs loads of players still not scanned,weres watford,Bournemouth,Norwich player faces that to me is a con fifa,last year you did a update with newely promoted teams scanned faces and this year non why..probably because you spent all summer fooking about with womens player faces so short cutted others,i dont and not interseted in playing with women in fifa i like career mode,im a spurs fan and am disappointed at alot of their players not being scanned,i.e,tom carroll,pritchard best player in the championship by far last term,alli up and coming and yes i know he was on loan at mk but he still a spurs player and should be scanned,onomah highly rated along with veljkovic,winks to name a few,i like new faces but this year the inclusion of the ladys teams for me meant scrimping on players in the proper game which when we pay nearly £50 we want more,game feels abit better than last year but not by much,i have pro evo 16 to and when the update arrives will be playing that,mid season player and stadium updates for fifa pro evo do it so why cant you,.

    • Gabe

      Thank YOU!