Destiny Häkke Strongbow-D from Armsday order

Now that Destiny Armsday is over for another week, we wanted to talk about this week’s Foundry Orders and in particular the Destiny Häkke Strongbow-D – one of the available weapons in this week’s selections.

The Hakke Strongbow D is a legendary shotgun with an attack power of 280. Banshee was offering it up for order this week and for those that chose it, you’ll now have to wait until the following Armsday to receive it.

The key abilities of the Strongbow D offer great stability and impact as you can see from the Hakke Strongbow-D stats and perks below from Destiny Tracker.


However it does have a slow rate of fire as well as slow reload, so you will have to see if the above positives outweigh the negative aspects – it is a shotgun after all, so you will probably still have a lot of fun with it in certain situations.

As far as we’re aware, there are no Destiny Hakke Strongbow-D reviews out there yet, so the stats over at Destiny Tracker is the only analysis we have before the Armsday order is available.

Did you just get this from Banshee? If so, share your thoughts below on how you plan to effectively use this shotgun in combat.



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