Apple iTunes, App Store down on Oct 15 globally

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2015

Many of you are still asking “Is iTunes down right now” and it looks like Apple are continuing to have problems with the iTunes, App Stores down on October 15 globally at the time of writing.

There were initial issues with the marketplace several hours ago, only for service to resume. However now it looks like another App Store outage is underway and personally for us we can not connect to the iTunes store right now and are met with the constant message that reads:
“We’re sorry, we cannot complete your request on the iTunes Store at this time.”

You can see evidence of this below in our screenshot, while Apple has officially confirmed that there are problems with iTunes down today via their service status checker.


Note that it also suggests that users may have problems signing in to Apple TV on Oct 15 and also issues with the Mac App Store too – which we’re assuming is connected to the App Store and iTunes Store being down.

It’s good to see that Apple are already aware of the issues, which means that they are currently working on a fix. Given that millions cannot sign in to the App Store or iTunes Store right now though, hopefully this is fixed sooner rather than later.

Can you confirm that Apple’s App Store and iTunes store is down for you in your region? We’ll provide status updates here once we hear anything from Apple so keep checking back.

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  • Edgar Gurrola

    down in Chicago

  • TheSilentC

    It’s. Down in Northeast US

  • Wknelsen

    iOS App Store down in Canada

  • Thai Voyager

    Down in Thailand Pattaya
    Soooooo bad!

  • Julia Bulia

    Down in NYC

  • miggyluv

    Yes. It’s down in the UK too.

  • Vito

    Down in Malaysia too

  • Immortal Om

    Down in Oman too

  • ppl

    down in Denver co

  • Brooke Chailer

    Down in Oklahoma

  • T_shirbert

    Down in Pittsburgh, PA

  • rufus001

    That system status is a load of BS. It’s still down but everything is now green.

  • Robert Moore

    Down in WA

  • Deon Black

    Down in Texas

  • SoonerSource

    Down in FL

  • Rachel

    Down in Australia

  • vikalp

    Down in India

  • nerakhon

    Down in Czech Republic

  • TD

    Down in Texas

  • Levin

    Back up in Australia

  • Matt

    Can sign in to App Store and ITunes, but can’t download anything from iCloud from there.

  • Maria Concetta

    Back up in San Francisco!

  • Lucy

    Down In New Zealand

  • Deepak A S

    Down in India

  • Down in LA

    Down in Los Angeles

  • Mariah

    Down in Mississippi, USA

  • Rayen

    Down in middle east

  • Down in St Louis, MO, USA. HOW ANNOYING!

  • Kristian Piala™

    Its down here in Philippines.

  • Levin

    Both Mac App Store & iOS App Store are down here in Australia

  • sentient_opinion

    Down in France, all stores, all updates


    Its down here in michigan USA

  • pa4513344

    Down in Midlands UK

  • Razeen Francis

    Stores are down in South Africa too

  • sasoon1

    Down in Europe

  • Brave Heart

    Apple Store is down over here as well. (KSA region)