New FIFA 16 Team of the Week 5 surprise

As we told you earlier today, we are moments away from EA revealing the new FIFA 16 Team of the Week. However, we wanted to let you know that this week there is going to be an extra surprise in store for players.

On top of the new in-form cards, EA has said that there is going to be more TOTW player items starting from this week and will continue every week.

EA has called it an ‘expanded’ TOTW and we will have to wait and see on what they mean by this. Could we be possibly be getting some rare consumables on top of the players – perhaps even In-form manager cards which can boost chemistry higher than normal?


Or maybe we will see some in-form bronze cards that will be good news for beginners or for those needing a good bronze team for tournaments with restrictions.

EA are keeping silent on this for now, but all will be revealed soon. Let us know your thoughts on this new ‘expanded’ TOTW and what you think it means.

Remember to check back here later for the full TOTW 5 team reveal.

Update: TOTW 5 has now been revealed – see the lineup here.



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