NBA 2K16 1.02 PS4 update notes, Xbox status

We have confirmation that a new NBA 2K16 1.02 update is now live on PS4 and PC. We have the full NBA 2K16 1.02 patch notes for PC and PS4 to bring you, along with a status update on when the NBA 2K16 Xbox One update will be live.

If you haven’t logged into the game in a while, the next time you do you should have a prompt to download the latest NBA 2K16 update.

It comes with a lengthy list of bug fixes and general gameplay improvements, all of which have been documented by 2K over at Facebook.


The developer has also revealed that the reason for the Xbox delay is due to approval certification and that they hope the update will be ‘ready in the coming weeks’.

It’s not ideal that Xbox owners have to wait but at least 2K has given a heads-up that it is due to Microsoft rather than 2K delaying themselves.

Take a look at the full patch notes for NBA 2K16 v2 above and let us know your thoughts on the changes. Are any Xbox owners out there unhappy with the wait?



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