Destiny PS4 CE-36244-9 error fix after corrupt

Following on from our earlier report on the problems that PS4 users were having installing the new Destiny 1.17 patch, we wanted to talk specifically about the Destiny PS4 CE-36244-9 error code that many of you can’t seem to get past.

To recap the events that transpired after the Destiny PS4 update, click here to read back. Now, we can still see that some users are being plagued by the error code above which happens when initially downloading the 500MB file.

Then after that, many users tried again and were instead having to install an 18GB patch – an issue which Bungie has now acknowledged and replied to below.


More importantly though, there is a Destiny PS4 CE-36244-9 error fix which you can try to solve the problem until Bungie has a definitive method of stopping the corrupt error from appearing for good.

To do it, you need to clear your PS4 cache which is done by holding down the PlayStation button on the controller, shutting down and then waiting for 10-20 seconds before turning on the PS4 console and trying again.

This has been proven to work for some users, while others are still seeing that they have to re-download the 18GB patch again which is obviously not good.

Let us know if you have managed to get past the error and what methods you used to fix the problem.



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