Destiny Armsday orders reset shortly with Banshee 44

The Destiny Armsday orders reset will take place within the next hour for October 14, 2015. As detailed on our weapons list page and start time for today, so by the time you read this article you might see the new Destiny Armsday weapons detailed following the reset.

While there’s a lot of different modes players are getting involved in, the weekly Destiny Armsday reset might not be one of them. If you do take part and look out for the new Foundry Orders and test weapons from Destiny’s Armsday Gunsmith, then you only have about 40 minutes until you can get hands-on with new toys.


One of the reasons certain gamers like Destiny’s Armsday event is gaining reputation with Gunsmith Banshee-44, as weapons have interesting aspects like fulfilling bounties to earn reputation.

Foundry Orders will be for rank 1 and above, so this is perfect to order some random legendary weapons. It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t get these weapons until the following week, so this is why players need to order ahead.

Head over to our start time page for the full list of bounties and Foundry weapons when they arrive within the hour.



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