Destiny 1.17 PS4 update not downloading

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2015

We have been getting reports that the big Destiny 2.0.1 patch that went out on all platforms is specifically causing issues with the PS4 update.

On PS4, players have had to download the Destiny update version 1.17 and the strange thing about it is that it is a massive 18GB update.

On top of this, many players are saying that the Destiny 1.17 update on PS4 is not downloading and in some cases shows a ‘Corrupt data, can’t download’ message after the Destiny update file ‘preparing to download’ screen.


In reality, this update is only supposed to be 500MB in size, not 18GB. The good news is that Bungie is already on the case and are investigating why PS4 users have had to install the full 18GB patch again.

As you can see from the statement we found above, Bungie still advises users to install this update but if it still doesn’t work after that – to cancel the download, clear the PS4 cache and try again.

This is obviously a nightmare for those on slow internet connections, so it is really not ideal when most just want to enter the new Iron Banner and have some fun.

Did you have problems with the Destiny 18GB update file not downloading after the patch went live? Give us your current status below.

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  • sisaape

    I downloaded the 1.17 patch with no problem, until level 34 when I stopped levelling up. Please help me.

  • KieranD1234

    I just bought the destiny limited edition console and the taken king edition of the game. Never played this game before and also never played a game on this platform before. I was extremely excited to get up and running when all this stuff happened. Have tried EVERY ‘solution’ out there but nothing has happened. After sitting for 4 hours trying to get it to work I have given up. Have bungie gave any indication on when they would be bringing out an update that actually works or is it just a “tough luck” situation.

    • Muneeb

      Bungie said that they r investigating this problem. I hope they come up with a solution soon. Just waiting for this frustrating problem to be over soon.

      • Daddy C


    • Daddy C

      You and me both.

  • Muneeb

    I’ve tried everything, but it’s not working. The download speed just gets slower and slower until the download stops and it shows me 99+ hours till download completes. I tested the Internet connection when the downloading speed dropped. It helped for some minutes but then it dropped again (obviously I can’t just sit right next to the console and keep on testing the connection after every minute). Waiting for another fixed update from Bungie coz it’s extremely frustrating.

  • Jalen

    Ok mine started working and then just downloaded the 500mb update, here’s what I did:
    1. Let the 1.17 start downloading
    2. I deleted it
    3. Restart system
    4. Let the system clear cache by waiting a minuet
    5. Start download again
    6. Go to network settings and test internet connection
    7. My update was still preparing download when I tested
    8. Allow to finish preparing
    9. Then it should jump to 17.5gb or so and you will just need to download the 500mb.
    10. Hope it helps

  • Josh

    After 30 gigs, I have to pay by the gig – already had to download this 3 times the first go round = 52.5 gigs. Now I have to re-download the update + 18 gigs. = 70.5 gigs. This is crazy, i’m done playing this game. Was my favorite, now i must move on 🙁 not worth $540 to install an update a 4th time.

    • Daddy C

      Seems like you have money to waste. Keep going. If you pay by the GB I feel.sorry for you.

  • Brian

    Mine is still jacked, tried everything nothing is helping, probably the last bungie game I buy. Not worth the lost time, for a mediocre game.

  • Blizzerii

    heey fellow destiny players for people who still have this problemen of your destiny patch is preparing tot download state quickly run a network test in the settings it works

  • Solution

    I just wanted to give you guys my solution. Been reading all your comments and these steps worked for me:

    1) Go to Notifications – Downloads – Delete destiny update by pressing options key and the delete.

    2) Go to Settings – Network – Test Network Settings

    3) Start Destiny – (It won’t work but your putting the file back into notification)

    4) Go to Settings – Network – Test Network Settings (this is your last time doing this)

    5) Go to Notifications – Downloads – Now you should see the 18GB file downloading again. Once this is complete. You’ll be able to play again. Troublesome but it’s the only working solution I have discovered with help from you guys. Thanks

    • Tony Brown New

      Clear cache how ?

    • Will

      This totally solved my problem.

      I was stuck at 17.6/18.121 – but it wouldn’t download anything. I did steps 2, 3 and 4 and the download started.

    • dewi

      Thank you will! Now it works:-))

  • Kristoffer Thorirsson

    Fix: I cleared the Cache (PS4) Then network test. Proceed to update and downloaded in minutes.

  • Kristoffer Thorirsson

    I’ve been trying to download this for the past 24 hours and in the process ripping my hair out. Did they not test this before hand. Spent £79.99 on this.

  • Brian

    My ps4 is just stuck on the loading screen

  • Seligman

    Oh my gosh, got the same Message “Corrupt Data, can’t load”. It took me 5 hours to get to this point. So, this is my first moment with Destiny. Gonna love this Game.

  • Lucas

    I got the same problem!!At 17G it still 99+ hour download time!!!!!!! Thank you Bungiee very much,i pay for this enough and this shi…. does not work!!!!!!!!! 😠

  • Chino Gentile

    when i try to start the download it goes to 2% and then after a min or 2 it says cannot download any1 know how to fix this?

  • Swan neck

    Mine said corrupt data thing but kept trying it and it downloaded

  • Xaenz

    To stop the confusion.

    The Patch is 1.17

    2.0.1 is shown on Character Login Screen after patching

    Patching you will see the following.
    17+gb/18+gb (installed/and to patch).

    With regard to patch 1.17 the size if 500+mb.

    The diiference between 17+gb and 18+gb.

  • Luis

    Mine was stuck with “preparing to download”, so I ran a network test and it magically began downloading fine, and was done after an hour or so

    • Yassir BSG

      This worked for me aswell, Thanks!

  • prashant sharma

    well i started my download last night and it was a whooping 18.1 gb. so i let it happen even though i have had already done the 2.0 update worth 17gb. it went till 2gb and for some weird ass reason i put it on rest mode and continued my downloading and after 53 minutes it showed update installed. and yes the update is shown as 1.17. not 2.0.1.

  • Nick

    Yea mine eventually downloaded, guess it was just a messed up patch, it also said it was 18 plus gigs when it was downloading, but when it actually did start dowloading it went fairly quickly, and it used less than a gig of hd space? just glad it is working, even though i wasn’t able to play tonight, but to be fair with a game as big as destiny and for the amount of money they make off of it you would expect a bit more out of them, hope future updates aren’t this sloppy ! And it sounds like there are still people having issues so i hope they can figure this out soon, kinda in the same boat as psn pr1nc3s as far as limmited time to play, and it really sucks when you can’t do to required add on issues, Wouldn’t be so bad if you could play without updating it untill they get it figured out, but obviously in destiny that is impossible

  • Pål Fette Rønning

    Get the ‘corupt data’ messene :-/

  • Psn – pr1nc3s

    I literally started my ps4 and left it on the download screen, saw that it was taking forever and went and watched some dragon ball z. Came back down a few hours later and saw that the ‘preparing to download’ was at 84%. I paused it and continued it and sat there watching it and noticed it was actually very slowly going up. It finally completed, and got to the download screen, and said 17.23Gb of 18.121Gb remaining, 99+ hours remaining. I paused and restarted it again, it did the ‘preparing to download’ finished it about five minutes later, then actually started to download, and finished very quickly. I think you just gotta let it sit there for ages. Kind of a bummer for a full time worker and Uni student with a few hours off, one a day a week.

  • Nick

    If anyone kows of a solution please post it

  • Nick

    Im stuck in the preparing to download screen, cleared the cashe and same things it is very slowly getting to 100% but im not confident it will download when it gets there