Clash of Clans defense base on Town Hall 9 unbeatable

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2015

As we all wait for the big Clash of Clans October 2015 update to happen and especially CoC news at the upcoming ClashCon 2015, we have one great video for you to check out.

If you want some expert advice on how to really set up an unbeatable Clash of Clans defense team, then look no further than the latest clip shared by YouTuber Clash of Clans Attacks.

In it, he shows how the attacking team could not find a single way to two-star the unbreakable defense base on Town Hall 9.


It’s a real eye opener for those that are always losing their defences and a great guide on how it is still possible to defend against the best with the right setup.

Is this something which you are going to now try and emulate? Let us know your thoughts on this defense and if you think you have a better set-up.

Remember that ClashCon 2015 begins October 24 so that is the time when we still start to get news in on the next major Clash of Clans update.

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  • Private

    With that Clan Castle in the side, no way its an anti-3 star. Any guy with some common sense will be able to 3 star that base. Maybe the only anti 3 star base is the top guy in our clan whos maxed out everything just waiting for the TH 11 update to roll. He is one always-buying gems kinda guy.

  • Treako

    Lol …. Seriously ? Anti 3 star ? That base will be 3 starred easly …… Easy cc lure and easily accessible AQ the laloon or goho that base

  • Sergio Velasco

    4 earthquake spells will open that base up and then 4 Golems, 20 wizards and 4 witches along with king and queen and 2 rage will decimate it.

    As long as you funnel to the core it will be a high percentage 2 star.

  • Billy

    You can goho that base easily

  • Abdullah Khalid

    Lower troop trainning time in next upgrade please