WWE 2K16 Terminator gameplay silence unacceptable

There is only a few weeks to go until WWE 2K16 is launched. However, we can see that there has still not been one single piece of actual in-game, in-ring WWE 2K16 Terminator gameplay.

This is a very risky move by 2K, given the fact that both iterations of the Terminator are available only by pre-ordering the game.

It doesn’t seem logical that they are withholding this gameplay, yet are still sending out daily messages to pre-order WWE 2K16 without showing the character that consumers will be getting.

All we have had is some entrance gameplay, screenshots and nothing more. We can see that many of you are also starting to feel like this is strange behaviour just a few weeks before launch.


Another episode of WWE Raw has just passed and instead of offering up the perfect opportunity with some Terminator gameplay, we had a meaningless promo featuring some current WWE stars delivering questionable lines on how they want to ‘challenge’ Arnold Schwarzenegger in game.

It really isn’t working though if they want to drive up hype. Fans want to see actual gameplay of the character before they pre-order the game and we can only hope that it is coming very soon.

Do you feel the same way about this – do you find it unacceptable that no gameplay of Arnold Schwarzenegger in WWE 2K16 has been shown yet?

WWE 2K16 is due out October 27.



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