Tess Everis location live in Destiny with new emotes

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 13, 2015

Those of you wondering where is Tess Everis in Destiny right now should know you won’t find the location until after the server maintenance on Oct 13, 2015. You will be able to find the new Tess Everis location at the Tower from about 7PM, although we will list the full inventory and where she is at the said time with a video.

We spoke about the Eververse Trading Company, Emotes, and micro-transactions in Destiny at the start of October. While you wait for the Tess Everis arrival time in Destiny, you can see another video below this article that runs you through all the new 18 Emotes and dance moves expected in the upcoming inventory.

You will be able to purchase these from Tess Everis later today, so this is only important if you’re a gamer that likes to move like a dance machine.


As we mentioned in our earlier article, the Destiny 2.0.1 patch being deployed during the maintenance today has meant that the Iron Banner start time will also be roughly when Tess Everis arrives.

Are you looking forward to some Iron Banner action in Destiny today? Also, will you be checking out inventory from Tess Everis as well?

Update: The first video below now reveals Tess Everis location in Destiny The Taken King and all new Emotes given a demo.

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